What are Singing Bowls?

Have you ever wondered what singing bowl are? Well, the first thing you should know is that they originated in Tibet about 1000 years ago. They seem to be based on similar things that have been found in India and Asia as far as 3000 years ago, but they had a bit of a different use than the Tibetan's singing bowls. The use of the singing bowls in the Tibetan culture is frequently attributed to a sect of shamans called 'Bon' who utilized them in their traditional rituals. When they were first made, they were either seven or nine various metals. The primary metals that were used were copper, tin, iron, mercury, gold, and silver. However, it was also believed that some of the first singing bowls also contained metals from meteorites in them.

Modern metal singing bowls such as from  are usually made using the same metals that the Tibetan's utilized during the ancient times. However, they use casts to ensure that they are uniform in nature thus making them simple to use and you do not have to know how to play each singing bowl. This may be of great help to those who are poor in time. If you look around, you can still get the antique bowls, but you will see that they are quite rare and very expensive compared to their modern counterparts.

Crystal singing bowls  are normally hand carved from a big block of crystals. Because of this, they are usually one of a kind and have their personality. Some bowls are designed out of composite crystal material and are all the same. However, in saying this, utilizing one of them would not eliminate the need for using crystal bowls.

Singing bowls are often used for meditation in that they help the person meditating to achieve a higher level of meditation while utilizing them. The crystal bowls contribute in making a higher pitch sound than those that are made of metal and people who frequently use meditation in their lives prefer them.

It is easy to learn how to use singing bowls as most of them have straight edges and to utilize them in your meditation, you hold the singing stick vertical to the edge of the bowls as you rotate them at a slow speed. If you take a look at some of the websites that feature singing bowls, you can find more uses for the singing bowls.

Some yoga classes have someone who is dedicated to suing the singing bowls as the rest of the class meditates. This makes the class to do the mediation easily and is a great asset to any given class.